Re: [edk2] BaseTools: Add MINGW tool chain

Subject: Re: [edk2] BaseTools: Add MINGW tool chain

From: "Scott Duplichan" <>

To: "'David Woodhouse'" <>

Date: 2014-11-04 21:22:03

David Woodhouse [] wrote:

]On Wed, 2014-10-15 at 01:47 -0500, Scott Duplichan wrote:
]> I agree completely about redundant tool chains. For example, EDK2
]> currently has separate tool chains for VS2008 on Win32 and VS2008
]> on Win64. This particular problem is easily solved using environment
]> variables to handle the tool install path difference between Windows
]> versions that the duplicate tool chains are currently handling.
]Speaking of such things, I hear that Microsoft have *finally* started
]updating their C standards support to at least catch up with the end of
]the 20th century, and the latest versions of VS actually have some
]incomplete C99 support.
]Might we be able to use named structure initializers some time soon?

Yes, as Bruce said, it is there. According to this link:

.. they added:
1) _Bool
2) Compound literals
3) Designated initializers
4) Mixing declarations with code

But think about the time line. in year 2014, EDK2 still supports VS2003, an 11
year old compiler. So if the project continues to support 11 year old compilers,
then VS2012 support will last through year 2023. Once the last non-C99 compiler
is dropped, there is still the matter of enabling the change and getting the
coding standard updated. My largely unsuccessful effort to push through a small
change that does not even require a document update (encourage the use of static
functions) suggests that designated initializers are unlikely to ever be
accepted for EDK2 code. Hopefully I am just overly pessimistic. Maybe the
increased use of gcc as an EDK2 compiler will accelerate schedule for dropping
non-C99 compilers.


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