Re: [edk2] RFC: add hfsplus driver

Subject: Re: [edk2] RFC: add hfsplus driver

From: Laszlo Ersek <>

To: Reza Jelveh <>

Date: 2014-09-03 01:38:09

On 09/02/14 17:06, Reza Jelveh wrote:
> On 02/09/14 16:42, Laszlo Ersek wrote:
>> On 09/02/14 15:41, Reza Jelveh wrote:
>>> I just noticed that my email had an empty body.
>>> Can anyone comment on how we could get this into the codebase?
>>> 0011-OvmfPkg-add-a-HfsPlus-driver.patch
>> This code is GPL / CDDL dual-licensed. You're trying to add it to OvmfPkg.
>> See OvmfPkg/Contributions.txt (recently updated on Aug 25):
>> 5. It is preferred that contributions are submitted using the same
>>    copyright license as the base project. When that is not possible,
>>    then contributions using the following licenses can be accepted:
>>    * BSD (2-clause):
>>    * BSD (3-clause):
>>    * MIT:
>>    * Python-2.0:
>>    * Zlib:
>>    Contributions of code put into the public domain can also be
>>    accepted.
>>    Contributions using other licenses might be accepted, but further
>>    review will be required.
>> GPL is known not to be accepted. I guess CDDL needs review by a lawyer
>> and/or a high ranking official from Intel. See eg. the R-b on SVN r15892:
>>>    Reviewed-by: Mark Doran 
> Known not to be accepted in Ovmf or are you saying that the code is unlikely
> to get into edk at all unless I or someone else rewrites it from scratch?

Are you asking if this code would be acceptable in another *Pkg/
directory, distinct from OvmfPkg/?

In that case, you'd still have to comply with *that* package's
"Contributions.txt" and "License.txt". And they all look like OvmfPkg's.

(Except maybe Fat*Pkg's, but that one not only allows redistributors to
curtail the end-user's rights, it *requires* them to do so.)

$ md5sum */License.txt | sort

0f0cc8dab05eeb3c4012f9d2249a0342  ArmPlatformPkg/License.txt
77e7dde47fae030cd7c049d47bfe03d0  FatBinPkg/License.txt
7fc5786d81b4e12d93fc1a52c7849bf1  EdkCompatibilityPkg/License.txt
9246519a5aad2d1a83cf822b5b543cdb  ArmPkg/License.txt
9246519a5aad2d1a83cf822b5b543cdb  BeagleBoardPkg/License.txt
9246519a5aad2d1a83cf822b5b543cdb  EmbeddedPkg/License.txt
9246519a5aad2d1a83cf822b5b543cdb  Omap35xxPkg/License.txt
a041d47c90fd51b4514d09a5127210e6  BaseTools/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  AppPkg/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  CryptoPkg/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  DuetPkg/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  EdkShellBinPkg/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  EdkShellPkg/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  EmulatorPkg/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  IntelFrameworkModulePkg/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  IntelFrameworkPkg/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  MdeModulePkg/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  MdePkg/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  NetworkPkg/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  Nt32Pkg/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  OptionRomPkg/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  OvmfPkg/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  PcAtChipsetPkg/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  PerformancePkg/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  SecurityPkg/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  ShellBinPkg/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  ShellPkg/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  SourceLevelDebugPkg/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  StdLib/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  StdLibPrivateInternalFiles/License.txt
ffd52cf9a8e0e036b9a61a0de2dc87ed  UefiCpuPkg/License.txt

If you were to create a new top-level Pkg/ directory, I don't know what
rules would apply.


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