Re: [edk2] The UDK 2014 html documentation is busted.

Subject: Re: [edk2] The UDK 2014 html documentation is busted.

From: Blibbet <>


Date: 2014-05-21 19:35:28

 > [...]  Would it be
 > possible to host the .chm files on the web, so those of use with
 > systems that do not natively support .chm can view them without an
 > application. [...]

Besides HTML, why ship CHMs at all these years?

IMO, CHMs should have been left with the early Windows-only EDKs, and 
when the move to portable toolchain and Doxygen happened, the CHMs 
should've been replaced with PDFs.

At least produce PDFs alongside CHMs. PDFs more portable, and PDF 
viewers are more powerful than the Windows CHM viewer, which is still as 
limited in features a Notepad.exe. Most PDF viewers are more powerful. 
CHM viewers -- being a Windows-only file-format -- aren't necessarily 
included with most Linux distros, nor any of the BSD distros (including 
Mac OSX), but only Windows.

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