Re: [edk2] SMM Drivers in EDKII

Subject: Re: [edk2] SMM Drivers in EDKII

From: Lethom Legrand <>


Date: 2014-03-26 17:03:27

Thank you for your answer!

I was afraid it would be some thing like this.

Easy to anticipate my next question, but I will ask anyway: how can I debug SMM code? I heard about DuetPkg, that is a full emulation of UEFI, so maybe it is a solution?
Otherwise, I think my last hope is hardware debuging through USB port 0?


2014-03-25 17:53 GMT+01:00 Jordan Justen <>:
On Tue, Mar 25, 2014 at 3:03 AM, Lethom Legrand <> wrote:
> Hello everyone,
> I am trying to see how the things work in UEFI with the System Management
> Mode (SMM) of x86(-64) CPU.
> My understanding is the following:
> 1. When entering in SMM, the CPU sets itself in a real-like mode
> 2. A first SMM Dispatcher handles "legacy" SMM code: it executes them, one
> after the other
> 3. This first SMM Dispatcher sets the CPU in flat protected mode
> 4. A second SMM Dispatcher runs and executes SMM Drivers (SMM Drivers are
> Runtime Drivers that loaded themselves in SMRAM)
> 5. When every SMM Driver is executed, the RSM instruction is executed.
> I think I'm close to the truth. Unfortunately, when I'm searching in EDKII,
> I cannot find anything before the 4. statement. That is, it seems that EDKII
> misses the real-like mode part of SMM flow.
> So my question, actually, is simple: is it true that EDKII is not
> "complete". By that, I mean there are missing part that have to be implement
> by, for instance, hardware vendors that want to use it? I understand SMM
> Drivers code is the most hardware specific part of UEFI, so it makes sense.
> (another "bonus" question: have you any idea of how I can debug SMM code?
> For instance, in KVM?)

Initializing SMM and handling SMM entry is usually chipset specific
code. I don't think there is an example in EDK II.

I think QEMU (without KVM) supports SMM. Unfortunately, OVMF doesn't
support SMM so I don't think you'll be able debug SMM code with OVMF.


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