Re: [edk2] Success!

Subject: Re: [edk2] Success!

From: Bill Paul <>


Date: 2014-03-11 19:04:19

> The miniPCIe to PCIe adapter that I ordered arrived today, and I'm happy to
> report that I was able to use it in conjunction with my custom EFI option
> ROM driver loaded onto an Intel 82574 ethernet card to un-brick my ExoPC
> Slate tablet.
> I want to say thanks again for all those who answered my earlier questions
> on this matter.
> Now that I have it working again, I can see that it has an AMI BIOS with a
> build date of November 2010. I was also able to reproduce this phenomenon
> on an Intel Ivy Bridge reference board ("Sabino Canyon"), with a firmware
> build date of February 2012. My option ROM hack was effective at
> un-wedging that one too.
> -Bill

One final data point which is likely to be of interest to those here: I have 
an Intel "Tunnel Mountain" reference board designed specifically for UEFI 
testing, which has a Tianocore reference firmware implementation on it based 
on UDK2010. That firmware does _not_ exhibit the same bricking problem as the 
AMI-based cases: it seems to detect and delete the invalid boot variables at 
start-up, which duplicates the OVMF behavior.


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