Re: [edk2] Buidl Error C2496 from AutoGen.c

Subject: Re: [edk2] Buidl Error C2496 from AutoGen.c

From: Andrew Fish <>

To: galla rao <>

Date: 2013-07-11 06:12:45

On Jul 10, 2013, at 10:02 PM, galla rao <> wrote:

Thanks Feng
There is some piece of code where variables are declared as
and when needed, i was porting this to UDK compatible

This is a C99 thing (and C++). You might see if VC++ 20xx has support for this C99 feature via a flag?Turning on C++ mode for this is kind of overkill....

GCC defaults to C90, but with a subset of C99 extensions, including the one you mentioned. 


Andrew Fish

The earlier code was on EDK which used /TP option.
so the same i am trying to continue on UDK as well
Is there a way to overcome this behaviour with /TP option
Alternate solution is to remove /TP and declare the variables at the beginning of the function (or) open a block to declare variables and run the code, it does work

On Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 7:55 AM, Tian, Feng <> wrote:

Why are you using /TP compiler option? From MSDN, you are trying to treat AutoGen.c as C++ file?


/TC and /TP are "global" variants of /Tc and /Tp. They specify to the compiler to treat all files named on the command line as C source files (/TC) or C++ source files (/TP), without regard to location on the command line in relation to the option.


From: galla rao []
Sent: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 20:49
Subject: [edk2] Buidl Error C2496 from AutoGen.c


Hello All,


I am trying to build a optionrom with UDK2010.SR1.UP1 libraries

with /TP as compiler switch


I see error C2496 from AutoGen.c, though i never use these PCD's

when i don't use /TP flag, this error is not seen


c:\udk2010.up1\Build\MdeModule\RELEASE_VS2010\X64\MdeModulePkg\Bus\Pci\Sasdriver\SasDriver\DEBUG\AutoGen.c(65) : error C2496: '_gPcd_FixedAtBuild_PcdMaximumLinkedListLength' : 'selectany' can only be applied to data items with external linkage
c:\udk2010.up1\Build\MdeModule\RELEASE_VS2010\X64\MdeModulePkg\Bus\Pci\Sasdriver\SasDriver\DEBUG\AutoGen.c(72) : error C2496: '_gPcd_FixedAtBuild_PcdMaximumAsciiStringLength' : 'selectany' can only be applied to data items with external linkage
c:\udk2010.up1\Build\MdeModule\RELEASE_VS2010\X64\MdeModulePkg\Bus\Pci\Sasdriver\SasDriver\DEBUG\AutoGen.c(79) : error C2496: '_gPcd_FixedAtBuild_PcdMaximumUnicodeStringLength' : 'selectany' can only be applied to data items with external linkage

I am using /TP(for convenience of declaring varaibles) and also some extern "C" code


Please help me know how to overcome this error





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