Re: [edk2] Questions about HII

Subject: Re: [edk2] Questions about HII

From: arti singh <>


Date: 2013-02-28 18:40:16

Hi Eric,

Thanks for your response.
In SendForm function i tried passing ScreenDimensions input.On an asus machine i saw that it ignores the dimension value and proceeds with defaults.While in a Dell machine when i run the driver, it complains about invalid input parameter.

Also, i know HII has keyboard support what about mouse support.Again ,i checked on Asus and dell.While asus allowed me to select options on form using mouse, dell did not support mouse.So is this platform dependant.

All my testing was done with Duet package.

Thanks for your help

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Add my comments below.



From: arti singh []
Sent: Tuesday, February 26, 2013 3:47 PM
Subject: [edk2] Questions about HII

I am a newbie and have some questions about HII.These are the steps I followed

1) -I changed theDISPLAY_ONLY_MY_ITEM part in theDriverDxeSample code so thatFormBrowser2->SendForm gets called.

2) -Then I booted into EFI shell from Duet package.(version 2.31)

3) -Load DriverSample.efi

My questions are

1) -How do I specify the screen settings (colour, size etc) for the form.I can see that DriverDxeSample uses conout protocol for that, but in my case when sendform is invoked It ignores these settings and displays the default platform setup screen as background.I checked this on 2 machine asus and dell and both use the default setup screen.

[[Eric]] The colors are controlled by the PCD values in inf, you can update the values in your platforms dsc file. The size is controlled by the SendForm function; it has an input parameter ScreenDimensions. If user not input this value, browser will use current screen dimension.

2) -Can we do tabs. DriverDxeSample has Enter page 2, Enter page 3.But all the options are displayed in a list form.Can we do something like one tab displays page2, one tab displays page 3.

[[Eric]] Not support this.

Thanks for your help


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