Re: [edk2] CSM and keyboard handling

Subject: Re: [edk2] CSM and keyboard handling

From: Gerd Hoffmann <>


Date: 2013-01-22 17:51:53


> And we only invoke the iPXE ROM on the network card *after* the user has
> seen the boot menu (without that option), so the user never gets to
> choose that.

You can build ipxe efi roms and use those, then netboot will show up in
the efi boot menu (although I didn't got that actually work).  Of couse
seabios will stop offering netboot then because it can't use an efi rom.

If you wanna play with that:

(1) copy to /etc/yum.repos.d
(2) yum install edk2.git-ovmf-x64 (pulls ipxe too).
(3) qemu -L /usr/share/edk2.git/ovmf-x64 (you can add
    -bios /path/to/your/own/OVMF.fd if you want)


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