Re: [edk2] EFI app access files on a non FAT partition

Subject: Re: [edk2] EFI app access files on a non FAT partition

From: Rod Smith <>


Date: 2012-09-12 04:49:08

On 09/11/2012 04:19 AM, Jeyaraman Sundararajan (jeysunda) wrote:
> Hi Rod Smith,
> Can you give me the pointer to those read only drivers?
> Thanks

All of them but the NTFS driver are included in my rEFInd package:

I didn't write any of them, though; they mostly originate with the 
earlier rEFIt ( and/or with VirtualBox 
( They all use a framework developed by 
rEFIt's author, enabling filesystem-specific code to fit in just one or 
two source code files.

I found the NTFS driver in a set of utilities for the Clover boot loader:

I don't know its provenance, though. The file is a binary blob with no 
source code.

> On 11/09/12 6:32 AM, "Rod Smith"  wrote:
>> On 09/10/2012 04:37 PM, Cameron Esfahani wrote:
>>> If that still doesn't help, then, yes, an EFI app residing in a FAT32
>>> partition can access a file for read/write that exists on a non FAT
>>> partition, assuming you have a read/write file system driver for that
>>> non FAT volume format.
>> That's a big assumption. To the best of my knowledge, no read/write
>> filesystem drivers for anything but FAT exist for EFI. I know of drivers
>> for ext2fs/ext3fs, ReiserFS, ISO-9660, HFS+, and NTFS, but these are all
>> read-only. If anybody knows of additional or read/write drivers, I for
>> one would certainly like to know about them.

Rod Smith

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