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[edk2] Serial Protocol Implementation in BeagleBoardPkg

Subject: [edk2] Serial Protocol Implementation in BeagleBoardPkg

From: "Hutcheson, Alex M." <ALEX.M.HUTCHESON@saic.com>

To: <edk2-devel@lists.sourceforge.net>

Date: 2012-08-08 22:54:59



I am running the UEFI build from the BeagleBoardPkg on my BeagleBoard, and I am trying to use the EFI_SERIAL_IO_PROTOCOL to communicate via the RS-232 connection on the board. I am connecting to a device with a lower baud rate than the 115200 baud default, so I am calling the SERIAL_IO_PROTOCOL->SetAttributes function to alter the baud rate.


However, this function fails with the EFI_UNSUPPORTED error code, which I assume means it is not implemented.


Currently, I am making due with some low-level hacking (setting the UART register bits from within my application), but I would be interested in using my solution to implement SetAttributes so other people can benefit. However, I am not that familiar with the overall architecture of TianoCore, and I can’t figure out how I would go about doing this.


What files would I need to edit in order to allow the UART devices to support this function from the SERIAL_IO_PROTOCOL?





Alex Hutcheson | SAIC