[edk2] Reg : : GDB for ARM

Subject: [edk2] Reg : : GDB for ARM

From: "Satheesh B R" <satheeshbr@amiindia.co.in>

To: <edk2-devel@lists.sourceforge.net>

Date: 2012-07-19 20:12:25

Reg : : GDB for ARM

Hi All

       I am trying to debug the DXE driver remotely. I use X-86 GDB of
my host machine(Ubuntu) to debug the target(BeagleBoard Rev C4)
connected by serial port.

I have done the following :

    Connect the host and target using serial cable.

    Booting to the shell in the target machine(GdbStub has been added in the boot file).

    In host establishing the connection by command "target remote /dev/ttyUSB0" in gdb.

    "cd" to the directory where the 'dll' of DXE driver present.

     Adding symbol file using the command "file DRIVER_NAME.dll "

     Now on giving the "run" command I get

           <workroot>/DRIVER_NAME.dll : cannot execute binary file
           <workroot>/DRIVER_NAME.dll : Success 
            During startup program exited with code 126.

      Am I following the correct procedure.Please help me with the same.

Thanks and Regards