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Re: [edk2] UEFI - Accessing System information (processor, memory, etc.)

Subject: Re: [edk2] UEFI - Accessing System information (processor, memory, etc.)

From: "Kinney, Michael D" <michael.d.kinney@intel.com>

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Date: 2012-07-06 02:55:21



Memory Information in HOBs is the state of memory in the transition from PEI to DXE.  It is legal for more memory to be discovered in the DXE Phase, and the state of memory may change as the DXE phase executes.


The best place to get the current state of system memory is through the UEFI Boot Service GetMemoryMap().


If you want to know the state of all memory ranges visible to the CPU, then I recommend using the DXE Services Table service called GetMemorySpaceMap().




From: Eric Tran [mailto:eric1tran@gmail.com]
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Subject: Re: [edk2] UEFI - Accessing System information (processor, memory, etc.)


I'm having trouble obtaining the HOB with the memory info. Are there specific steps I need to follow to access that information? And is there a specific name of the HOB that has this info?

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As for type/number of processors, if the UEFI system follows PI spec, MP Services Protocol can be used to retrieve the information after the protocol is published by a CPU DXE driver. Note that this protocol is optional for a platform with only 1 logical processor, in such case, the information can be directly retrieved in current executing BSP or other platform specific way.


As for type/number of processors, if the UEFI system follows PI spec, memory initialization is done in the PEI phase. The module responsible for memory initialization may report a HOB describing size of total physical memory installed. It should report memory resource HOBs so that physical memory call be managed by the DXE Core GCD() Services. So a PEIM depending on Main Memory Discovered PPI can be written to retrieve memory size from the HOB reporting it (if it is present) or to parse all memory resource HOBs to calculate the memory size.


PrintLib can be used by PEI/DXE drivers to convert other data types to strings.  Print() in UefiLib can be used by a UEFI driver to print to standard output console.


From: Eric Tran [mailto:eric1tran@gmail.com]
Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2012 11:00 PM
To: edk2-devel@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: [edk2] UEFI - Accessing System information (processor, memory, etc.)


Hello all,

I want to display system information (such as the type/number of processors, memory installed, etc) as soon as it becomes available (before the setup menu boots up). When exactly does this information become available and how can I retrieve this information?

I also have pei/dxe video drivers to display strings to the console. Are there any drivers that will allow me to display other data types if this information is not a string?


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