Re: [edk2] [gsoc]participate in implementing dns proxy on EDK II

Subject: Re: [edk2] [gsoc]participate in implementing dns proxy on EDK II

From: yang kidz <>

To: edk2-devel <>

Date: 2012-03-30 19:55:36

Hi, all
I've summited my proposal on GSoC site.
Is there anyone have some questions or advise on it?

By now, I've been reading EDK manuals of using network IO on windows platform.
and configuring my simulator on win-xp to enable network functions.

And one more question: why ping function can not output info?
for example, I type cmd: ping , but I found nothing print out on my screen, then how could I know whether I've connected to the target and send the packet?

Thanks in advance.

2012/3/20 yang kidz <>
I'm a student,and I wanna participate in the GSoC.
Have basic acknowledgement of OS and network protocol,
4 year C programming exp.
And I've been in gsoc with tianocore in 2011, and finished the edkII text editor function.

I'm so willing to porting dns proxy function to edk II.
And I really want to make edk II better and better.
Could somebody can give me more info on that idea?

Thanks in advance!

Best regard.