Re: [edk2] Google Summer of Code 2012

Subject: Re: [edk2] Google Summer of Code 2012

From: Jordan Justen <>


Date: 2012-03-06 08:03:55

On Fri, Mar 2, 2012 at 11:39, Andrew Fish  wrote:
> Porting EmulatorPkg to Windows.
> Porting EmulatorPkg to ARM. May not be as hard as it sounds as you could =
build on a Mac (or PC) and run the emulator on a target system (like a Beag=
leBoard) and connect via ethernet. GOP/SimpleTextIn/SimplePointer are all a=
bstracted via X11, so it is just a matter of pointing the output to the bui=
ld machine (the code today is hard coded to the local system). =A0You could=
 debug remotely via a gdb network connection. Most of the code base is alre=
ady ARM clean, so it is just a matter of getting the OS application part of=
 the emulator to cross compile.
> Debug infrastructure would be a useful area to focus on:
> 1) Debug version of libraries, and tools to analyze the data:
> =A0a) UefiBootServicesTableLib.h & UefiRuntimeServicesLib.h that can prof=
ile EFI services usage.
> =A0b) Debug version of MemoryAllocationLib.h that can detect memory leaks=
, buffer overruns, etc.
> =A0c) Add a library class for logging the data
> =A0 =A0 =A0 =A01) Log data directly to image handle, per driver.
> =A0 =A0 =A0 =A02) Log data to centralized data service.
> =A0d) Add a library class for a module to access/initiate leak checking.
> 2) Add sample based profiling to EmulatorPkg/Nt32Pkg. On a Mac this would=
 be figuring out how to use Instruments to profile the emulator.
> 3) Add a sampling based profiling tool to a real EFI system. Note this re=
quires the ability to capture a stack trace and then post process it (likel=
y on the build system). I'm not sure it is possible to generate stack backt=
races from C code in all situations. I've figured out how to do it with cla=
ng for x86.

Thanks Andrew.  I added your suggestions to the tasks page.


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