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Re: [edk2] Difference in EDK 1.06 and EDK II

Subject: Re: [edk2] Difference in EDK 1.06 and EDK II

From: "Jarlstrom, Laurie" <laurie.jarlstrom@intel.com>

To: "edk2-devel@lists.sourceforge.net" <edk2-devel@lists.sourceforge.net>

Date: 2011-11-12 01:11:24

Suraj Joshi,

The EDK 1.06 supports specification level UEFI 2.1, Framework 0.9, and  PI 1.0 and also the EFI shell.  Since The  EFI_ATA_PASS_THRU_PROTOCOL was an addition to UEFI 2.2 EDK 1.06 does not have this protocol. 


You could use try to use the EdkCompatiblityPkg with your UEFI application so you could only have to port the portion with the  EFI_ATA_PASS_THRU_PROTOCOL.  This would mean your application would become a EDK II build with the ECP.  This supports a mixture of EDK 1.xx and EDK II modules.


I will update the


page to better reflect the differences.








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From: Suraj Joshi [mailto:suraj.joshi@zensar.in]
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To: edk2-devel@lists.sourceforge.net
Subject: [edk2] Difference in EDK 1.06 and EDK II


Hello experts,


Please tell me what it the differences between EDK 1.06 and EDK II protocolwise. I got a below link having the difference, but there is nowhere mentioned about which protocols are newly added in EDK II which are not part of EDK 1.06 release.




I am developing an application using EFI API. I am using EDK1.06 as base version of source code. I am writing a program for accessing CD/DVD optical drive which is having ATA controller. Since supported drivers and devices are ATA type I tried to use EFI_ATA_PASS_THRU_PROTOCOL. But as per my knowledge this protocol is not available in EDK1.06, I searched in EDK II.


Please help me how can I use the EDK II EFI_ATA_PASS_THRU_PROTOCOL in EDK 1.06?


Thanks in adv.



Suraj Joshi