From: sajeesh KK <sajee.kk@gmail.com>

To: edk2-devel@lists.sourceforge.net

Date: 2011-10-11 16:32:54

Hello Jordan,
Thanks for your response.
Yes. i am locating for acpitable protocol and publishing the ibft table
in driver model "start" routine.I am not doing it in the driver entry point.

I went through the code in :
* IScsiDriver.c
* IScsiIbft.c

The PublishIbft function does check for valid rsdp pointer. if its null, the function just
returns without publishing the ibft table. The oemid and oemtableid fields are copied from
rsdt pointer which is obtained from rsdp. So if i dont care about rsdp pointer what should be the
"oemtableid" value ?? will it be the same as "oemid" ??

I have an observation from my expreiments:

1. The Number of entries in the configuration table is 4 initially in the ibm machine i am using. when my driver gets loaded from option rom,
its value is still 4. My driver fails to obtain rsdp pointer. Next, i get into the shell prompt. Now i will unload my driver and load it again
from the shell prompt. At this point of time, the number of entries in the configuration table is increased to 6 (because i am printing the
number of entries in the my driver before publishing ibft table) and my driver successfuly locates rsdp pointer and everything works fine.