[edk2] EdkCompatibilityPkg question.

Subject: [edk2] EdkCompatibilityPkg question.

From: Andrew Fish <afish@apple.com>

To: edk2-devel@lists.sourceforge.net

Date: 2011-07-14 03:09:44

I noticed that the EdkCompatibilityPkg.dsc file sets PI_SPECIFICATION_VERSION=0x00009000.

If I turn on PI support (PI_SPECIFICATION_VERSION=0x00010000) it no longer compiles. 
/Users/fish/work/edk2/EdkCompatibilityPkg/Foundation/Library/EdkIIGlueLib/Library/PeiServicesLib/PeiServicesLib.c:46:38: error: passing 'EFI_PEI_SERVICES **' (aka 'struct _EFI_PEI_SERVICES **') to parameter of type 'const EFI_PEI_SERVICES **' (aka 'const struct _EFI_PEI_SERVICES **') discards qualifiers in nested pointer types [-Werror]
  return (*PeiServices)->InstallPpi (PeiServices, PpiList);

It looks like the problem is EFI_PEI_SERVICES member function this pointers go from EFI_PEI_SERVICES ** to CONST EFI_PEI_SERVICES **. 

Is this a bug in the EdkCompatabilityPkg or my understanding of what is supported? 

Andrew Fish

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