Re: [edk2] Xen OVMF early discussions

Subject: Re: [edk2] Xen OVMF early discussions

From: Bei Guan <>

To: Andrei Warkentin <>

Date: 2011-05-17 09:55:43

Hi Andrei,

I can't make OVMF on Xen booting into the EFI shell in my fedora8 32bit. I have downloaded the latest edk2, applied your patch, and recompiled it, but I can't see the tianocore logo. The error is the same as what I posted in the mail before.

And also considering we need to make Xen support X64 OVMF, so, I decide to change my environment to Ubuntu10.04 x64 as yours and now I am doing it. However, when I tried to boot into Xen after installing Xen on Ubuntu10.04, a problem "kernel panic" came out. I think maybe there is something wrong with the dom0 config. I have asked for help in Xen mailing list.

If possible, could you send me your dom0 config file and I try to recompile dom0 with it.

Bei Guan

2011/5/14 Andrei Warkentin <>
On Fri, May 13, 2011 at 6:01 PM, Andrei Warkentin <> wrote:
Wait.... revision 11547? Last revision is 11645.

I can't for the life of me reproduce your stack. I've cleaned and rebuilt everything. TimerLib works for me.

Once I set stdvga in my xm config to 0, video was detected and initialized. I saw the logo. Yay. The hang looks like
the timer (or interrupt delivery) isn't working so the timeout for detecting skipping memory test never happens...

It was the interrupt delivery. OvmfPkg has no APIC/IO-APIC drivers, so 8259 ExtInt delivery needed to be programmed in HVMLOADER.

I can boot to EFI shell now. Console works both via Serial and via Cirrus+Kbd.

I updated

Bei, you should verify things work for you and start verifying that all expected functionality works (floppy, hd, network, etc, etc, etc...).