Re: [edk2] Shell feature request

Subject: Re: [edk2] Shell feature request

From: Andrew Fish <>


Date: 2011-05-11 17:11:52

> On 05/11/2011 10:30 AM, Andrew Fish wrote:
>> The use case I have in mind is adding more robust scripting
>> languages to the shell. It is likely that these scripting languages
>> could be based on an open source project, so a library works well in
>> that case. I'm thinking of things like perl, python, or lua.
> FWIW, Jim ( is a small Tcl
> interpreter which makes a pretty good embedded command shell.  We've
> used it in an EFI BIOS, and porting it wasn't too hard... mainly stdio
> and malloc replacements.  

Maybe the StdLib package will help with this going forward? 

> Plus it's BSD licensed.

Makes life easier. 



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