[edk2] Creating a SOCKET using Tcp4Dxe module from EDK II

Subject: [edk2] Creating a SOCKET using Tcp4Dxe module from EDK II

From: TaT <xtpTaT@interia.pl>

To: edk2-devel@lists.sourceforge.net

Date: 2010-10-26 16:38:03


  I'm fairly new to EFI community. I want to write simple application working on NT32 Emulator from EDK II, which can communicate with another application through TCP/IP network. I've already loaded Tcp4Dxe driver (it can be seen under "drivers" shell command) and it works well with "ifconfig" and "ping" commands.

Now in my custom module I want to create a SOCKET structure declared in "MdeModulePkg\Universal\Network\Tcp4Dxe\Socket.h", by using function: 

SOCKET * SockCreate (IN SOCK_INIT_DATA *SockInitData)

defined in "MdeModulePkg\Universal\Network\Tcp4Dxe\SocketImpl.c". It takes SOCK_INIT_DATA structure as an argument and I don't know how to properly create that structure. Especially it contains two problematic (for me) members: "ProtoData" and "DriverBinding". Can anyone tell me how to obtain these two members?

Thanks in advance,
Stanisaw Chlebus

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