Re: [EDK DEV] Launching Linux from an image in USB

Subject: Re: [EDK DEV] Launching Linux from an image in USB

From: Xiaochen Xin <>


Date: 2009-10-05 07:45:21

1. Does your firmware include CSM?
2. Do you directly jump to 7c00 in your EFI application? If yes, please switch to real mode before that.
3. You can try to use ELILO or EFI Grub to boot to Linux on EFI firmware

On Fri, Oct 2, 2009 at 7:38 AM, Arumugam Sivasubramanian <> wrote:
  I am running UEFI BIOS, trying to launch Linux from an image file which is stored in the USB.

  I wrote an EFI application to read this Linux image file from USB and copy to a predetermined location in DRAM, but I am not sure what BIOS code changes I need to make to launch this image.

  From reading from different sources in the internet, it looks like I need to write to 0:7c00, 512 bytes which contains the MBR BPC and then jump to 0:7c00.

  I verified that the image i am trying to launch is bootable (verified using PXE boot).

  How do i extract the MBR information from this image?

  Appreciate your thoughts on this issue.

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