Re: [EDK DEV] UEFI PXE vs Legacy PXE

Subject: Re: [EDK DEV] UEFI PXE vs Legacy PXE

From: Xiaochen Xin <>


Date: 2009-10-02 08:18:25

Hi Arumugam

Based on my understandings if you need to perform an UEFI PXE boot, your PXE server must send a valid UEFI application as PXE NBP (Network Boot Program). You can try to let the server to send the Shell.efi to client and see if it can boot to Shell as expected.

For legacy PXE the server always sends the 16bit real mode code to client as NBP. 

On Thu, Oct 1, 2009 at 10:30 AM, Arumugam Sivasubramanian <> wrote:
  In our Intel reference hardware platform, there is a legacy PXE OPROM which is able to download a Linux image from the PXE server and launch the Linux image fine.

  The BIOS code itself is UEFI based and contains UEFI PXE boot code. But If i select the UEFI PXE boot and try to boot from the same server, the UEFI PXE boot code fails to download the image.

* I am trying to understand the differences between UEFI PXE boot vs Legacy PXE boot.

* Is UEFI PXE boot client unable to download from a legacy PXE boot server?

* Is there a UEFI PXE specification document?

   Appreciate your help.

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