RE: [EDK DEV] Original PXE stack vs UEFI PXE stack

Subject: RE: [EDK DEV] Original PXE stack vs UEFI PXE stack

From: Ruth Li <>


Date: 2009-04-07 17:21:34


Yes, you can still use the original PXE Base code stack as default to boot from the network. 

If you want to use the general UEFI network stack, you can follow the step to enable it.


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Subject: [EDK DEV] Original PXE stack vs UEFI PXE stack

I am trying to get network support so that I can boot a Linux image from the network. I went through the network support guide, 

Its mentioned that original PXEBC is the default and then it has precedence over UEFI network stack. The document further explains how to remove the original PXEBC from the build and include (Dpc.inf, Mnp.inf, Arp.inf, Ipv4Config.inf, Udp4.inf, Tcp4.inf, Dhcp4.inf, Mtftp4.inf, UefiPxebc.inf and UefiIscsi.inf)

Is it possible to use the original PXEBC (PXE Boot client) that comes as the default for booting from the network? Or must i go with the procedure explained in the guide to include UefiPxeBc?

Has anyone tried using the original PxeBC that the firmware comes with?

Appreciate your help.


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