[Edk2 Dev] Comments on build tools

Subject: [Edk2 Dev] Comments on build tools

From: "Andrew J. Fish" <afish@apple.com>

To: dev@buildtools.tianocore.org

Date: 2009-03-23 20:59:24

I just upgraded to the latest version of the tools and ported our  
tree. This was the first time we synced a version of the tools with  
the extra GUID checking and case checking.

I noticed you can get a warning in the FDF for an INF not being  
present, but really the INF reference in the FDF file has a case  
issue. We should issue a case warning issue like the DSC file.

The Case error messages in the DSD/INF/FDF files show the file and  
line number, and even the bad line. It would also be good to show the  
correct case of the path. This information must be known for the error  
to be detected. This saves time in not having to look up the correct  
case for a failure.

The same comment for the GUID miss match. It should be possible to  
list what section the GUID should go in.

Andrew Fish


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