[Edk2 Dev] GCC toolchain status

Subject: [Edk2 Dev] GCC toolchain status

From: admin@tianocore.org

To: dev@edk2.tianocore.org

Date: 2008-10-01 15:11:16


I am using the EDK2 with BaseTools under linux (ubuntu). I have some questions regarding the gnu toolchain :

- Does the default GCC compiler (toolchain ELFGCC) is suitable to build UEFI firmware images ? I tought that the file format for EFI was PE32. 

- with the provided scrips, I built a mingw toolchain for ia32 (toolchain UNIXGCC). It seems to works fine but the generated object files are really big. 

In debug (and also release), the same source code compiled with the VS2003 toolchain will be 2 or 3 times smaller ! I tried to switch the debug format (Dwarf-2 / STABS), optimize for size, remove unused code sections... I win some kilobytes but I'm still far from the object size of the VS2003 toolchain.

Do you have any idea ?



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