RE: [EDK DEV] VFR conditionals?

Subject: RE: [EDK DEV] VFR conditionals?

From: "Wang, Scott" <>

To: <>

Date: 2008-06-11 18:24:56

Yes. GrayoutIf and Suppressif are VFR keywords that used to disable one
or more questions or statements based on the value of an expression.

For UEFI VFR sample (based on UEFI specification version 2.1), there a
number of examples on how to make use of VFR Conditionals in

Scott Wang
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From: Marslett, Charles []=20
Sent: Wednesday, June 11, 2008 5:15 AM
Subject: [EDK DEV] VFR conditionals?

I think what I am trying to do is not particularly complex.  I want to
take FrontPageVfr.vfr and add a preamble submenu (passwords, etc.) that
must be executed before some of the other submenus (boot settings and
system utilities, for example).

I know virtually nothing about VFR syntax (I have the VFR.pdf file, and
an existing BIOS that has much of the system BIOS functionality present,
but I need to add this security layer and I think it might be best done
via the VFR functionality).

I think I can call one or more security service drivers from
PlatformBdsEnterFrontPage() and set a flag to TRUE or FALSE based on
whether the security drivers are present and whether the functions are
enabled in BIOS.  Based on that flag I can use "SuppressIf" and "Endif"
around the menu item to enable the preamble submenu, and the "GrayOutIf
Not" of the flag to gray out the controlled submenus.

Then I intend to flip the flag so the security submenu disappears and
the boot settings and system utilities are then enabled.

Does that sound possible?

--Charles Marslett
  Intel DIJIC BIOS Team

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