Re: [EDK DEV] Building PeiMain and friends without Nt32

Subject: Re: [EDK DEV] Building PeiMain and friends without Nt32

From: "Brian J. Johnson" <>


Date: 2008-04-24 23:06:06

Andrei E. Warkentin wrote:
> ...
> So yes, you need to do some creative hacking in order to get the Edk 
> built as a "real firmware". Then of course there's the issue of actually 
> supporting the hardware you're targetting =). There's nothing you need 
> to remove - just add. Figure out where you want the entire Fv (or 
> several Fvs) to reside at in your physical memory, how big they will be, 
> and fix the YourPlatform.DSC accordingly. Fix GenFvImage, write your 
> initial boot code (SEC), figure out how you're getting boot-time 
> debugging info out...  then you're implementing the PPIs needed to 
> enable memory, load the DXE core and transition to the DXE phase. 

Tristan Gingold has a Edk2 build for IA64 Xen guests in a mercurial 
repository at  He 
used to have it working on qemu x86 too... it appears the code is still 
there.  It may be a good place to start.
						Brian J. Johnson


    "It's OK to be stuck.  99% of the time in your own [research] work,
     you're stuck."
                                            -- Mark Lawrence

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