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[Edk2 Dev] Build Environment Change

Subject: [Edk2 Dev] Build Environment Change

From: "Hauch, Larry" <larry.hauch@intel.com>

To: <dev@edk2.tianocore.org>

Date: 2008-02-22 00:32:09

  • 2008-02-22 00:32:09  "Hauch, Larry"   [Edk2 Dev] Build Environment Change

Hi Folks,


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It is recommended that after you perform an svn update you should remove Conf/build_rule.txt prior to running edksetup.bat.  There was a typo in the file: BaseTools/Conf/build_rule.template, that was causing an error with the VfrCompile program.  Removing the file and running edksetup.bat will re-install a fresh (fixed) copy of build_rule.txt.


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We will be changing the default build setup for Windows on Friday, February 22, 2008, at 08:30 PST.  You may perform an svn update after this time to get the new version of the files: edksetup.bat and BaseTools/toolsetup.bat.

The Windows setup script, edksetup.bat will default to the new, Makefile based build.

In order to use the older JAVA/Ant build environment, you will need to use:  edksetup.bat AntBuild

The script will not give an error if you still use edksetup.bat newbuild.

To build the Nt32Pkg\Nt32.dsc emulation platform, you will still need to use the --nt32 option: edksetup.bat --nt32



Larry Hauch

Intel Corporation


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