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EdkCompatibilityPkg/Foundation/Library/EdkIIGlueLib/Library/BaseLib/DivS64x64Remainder.c File Reference

#include "BaseLibInternals.h"

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INT64 EFIAPI DivS64x64Remainder (IN INT64 Dividend, IN INT64 Divisor, OUT INT64 *Remainder OPTIONAL)

Function Documentation

INT64 EFIAPI DivS64x64Remainder ( IN INT64  Dividend,
IN INT64  Divisor,
OUT INT64 *Remainder  OPTIONAL 

Divides a 64-bit signed integer by a 64-bit signed integer and generates a 64-bit signed result and a optional 64-bit signed remainder.

This function divides the 64-bit signed value Dividend by the 64-bit signed value Divisor and generates a 64-bit signed quotient. If Remainder is not NULL, then the 64-bit signed remainder is returned in Remainder. This function returns the 64-bit signed quotient.

If Divisor is 0, then ASSERT().

DividendA 64-bit signed value.
DivisorA 64-bit signed value.
RemainderA pointer to a 64-bit signed value. This parameter is optional and may be NULL.
Dividend / Divisor

Definition at line 46 of file DivS64x64Remainder.c.

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