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StdLib/Include/nl_types.h File Reference

#include <sys/EfiCdefs.h>

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Data Structures

struct  __nl_cat_d


#define NL_SETD   1
#define NL_CAT_LOCALE   1


typedef struct __nl_cat_dnl_catd
typedef LONG32 nl_item


__BEGIN_DECLS nl_catd catopen (const char *, int)
char * catgets (nl_catd, int, int, const char *) __attribute__((__format_arg__(4)))
int catclose (nl_catd)

Define Documentation

#define NL_CAT_LOCALE   1

Definition at line 82 of file nl_types.h.

#define NL_SETD   1

Definition at line 81 of file nl_types.h.

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct __nl_cat_d * nl_catd
typedef LONG32 nl_item

Definition at line 89 of file nl_types.h.

Function Documentation

int catclose ( nl_catd  )
char* catgets ( nl_catd  ,
int  ,
int  ,
const char *   
__BEGIN_DECLS nl_catd catopen ( const char *  ,
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