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EdkCompatibilityPkg/Foundation/Library/EdkIIGlueLib/Library/BaseLib/LRotU32.c File Reference

#include "BaseLibInternals.h"

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UINT32 EFIAPI LRotU32 (IN UINT32 Operand, IN UINTN Count)

Function Documentation

UINT32 EFIAPI LRotU32 ( IN UINT32  Operand,
IN UINTN  Count 

Rotates a 32-bit integer left between 0 and 31 bits, filling the low bits with the high bits that were rotated.

This function rotates the 32-bit value Operand to the left by Count bits. The low Count bits are fill with the high Count bits of Operand. The rotated value is returned.

If Count is greater than 31, then ASSERT().

OperandThe 32-bit operand to rotate left.
CountThe number of bits to rotate left.
Operand <<< Count

Definition at line 43 of file LRotU32.c.

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